Multilingual Retroactive PUA Eligibility Resources for State Workforce Agencies

Claimant communication, fact-finding content, and form design, created and tested in English and Spanish
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U.S. Digital Response worked with a state workforce agency to create and test a fact-finding flow for claimants who had been denied Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits before three new provisions were introduced by the US DOL in UIPL 16-20, Change 5 in February 2021.
State workforce agencies across the U.S. must reopen PUA applications to claimants who were previously denied benefits and determine if they are eligible to receive retroactive payments.


  1. 1.
    Maximize claimant response rate
  2. 2.
    Maximize application success rate
  3. 3.
    Minimize impact on support staff

Implementation Materials

To help additional state workforce agencies achieve these goals while saving a significant amount of implementation time and resources, USDR has made the materials we’ve created for our state partner free to use for any state, district, or territory in the U.S.
These materials include:
  • Claimant communication strategy
    Outreach content that can be used for both digital and paper notifications to help claimants understand why they are being contacted and designed to mitigate for the perception of fraud/spam.
  • Fact-finding content strategy
    All 19 eligibility questions, each accompanied by legally compliant helper text optimized to increase readability, comprehension, and accuracy of responses.
  • Fact-finding form design
    Created for states using the FAST UI platform and tested for usability, these prototypes can be used as a blueprint for any state, regardless of platform or vendor.


"This was an opportunity to move away from solely the regulatory side of UI into more of a customer-centric approach. I think it’s going to really establish a new path forward and increase the level of confidence of our stakeholders – hearing from actual users and reading their feedback does that work."
– State workforce agency adjudication manager
By testing these materials with both English and Spanish-speaking claimants, we believe that they will reduce the risk that typically accompanies launching a new service for workers in need of unemployment insurance benefits. In taking a multilingual approach, we are committed to supporting state efforts to improve equitable access to benefits, as primary Spanish speakers comprise the 2nd largest language demographic in the country.

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We are also available to consult on implementation or work with your staff on customizing these materials for your state.
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