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Deep dive: pricing

There are three ways that the Candidate vendors price their tools: (1) per month, and (2) per month but different depending on the number of users, and (3) per user per month. Depending on the particulars of how the appointments made via this tool get surfaced to frontline agents, the vendors that charge per user per month could become astronomically expensive.
(1) Per month:
  • YouCanBook.Me: Their rate is actually per calendar per month, but given that you’d create some (likely small) number of calendars up-front, it’d be a known cost per month unrelated to the number of users you have. (Note: they might have discounts for government.)
  • Nemo-q: Their rate depends on the number of appointments you want to schedule a month.
(2) Per month, with a limit on the number of users at each pricing tier (i.e., the tier you choose is influenced by both functionality and the number of users needed -- but the cost doesn’t scale linearly with number of users):
  • Acuity
  • Appointy
  • FlexBooker
  • Vcita
(3) Per user per month (i.e., the cost scales linearly with number of users): This pricing set-up appears to be because the tool assumes that every agent would have a calendar within the product that gets synced to the “meta” calendar.
  • Calendly (Note: they might have discounts for government.)
  • Microsoft Booking (not actually known for certain that they charge per user per month, but it is the most likely case)
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Vcita (Note: they have discounts for government)