Support chat
"Support" chat is when a chat-like interface is set up to help someone navigate available help articles that are likely seen elsewhere on the site, e.g., linked to from an FAQ page. When someone types into the message box, options will show up of articles that the user can click on; those articles are then either shown within the "chat" window or in a new tab. There may also be buttons within the "chat" that can also be clicked.
  • Pros:
    • People have clear expectations of what they can get help with
    • Repurpose existing content on website
    • Means that there are persistent links that anyone can use to provide someone with the most up-to-date answer on a given question
  • Cons:
    • All answers have enough content to warrant their own page, and so questions with shorter answers may not be handled as well
  • Vendors:
    • MedChat
    • ServiceNow
    • Zendesk
Left to right: Screenshots of support chat from North Carolina, Delaware, and Indiana

Last modified 9mo ago
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