Employer Experience with UI

Employers play a key role in the ultimate disbursal of UI benefit funds. Not only do they pay the taxes that provide the funding for states’ UI Trust Funds, they contribute data that is important to the determination of whether someone is in fact eligible for benefits, and if so, how much. How effectively employers interact with UI systems has a direct impact on the timeliness of payouts to legitimate claimants and could also indirectly reduce fraud. (Criminals have exploited the inefficiency of employer communication to steal benefits.)

While specific improvements to “modernize” the claimant experience are known, no such list seems to exist for the employer experience. We want to better understand their experience in 3 key areas:

  1. Submitting claims on behalf of their former employees when applicable

  2. Being informed of claims filed by former employees and of any subsequent decisions made

  3. Disputing and/or appealing decisions about a former employee’s claim and providing documentation/keeping up with the adjudication process

In this area, we have thus far conducted one qualitative user research study and are in the process of a follow-up study: