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Best for customizability

Microsoft Bookings: While the actual UX may not be that customizable, it has so many options, particularly around defining “service offerings” (what we would call “appointment types”) that would help it meet the needs of the organization.
Runners up: Both Vcita and Nemo-Q, with their targeted DMV offerings, appear to have all the configurability needed.

Best for price This vendor does quite well with the various requirements against which we evaluated all the vendors, and its pricing model (per calendar per month) makes it the cheapest option. With the caveat that we're sure prices are negotiable, we're going to use an example to show why appears the best on price.
Say you wanted 3 calendars; it’d be $30/month (we think your use case could actually be served by appointment types within the same calendar, but we are using multiple calendars to make this comparison a little more starkly. To beat that monthly price, each vendor would only let you have the following number of users:
  • Acuity: 6 users, their “Growing” tier at $23/month
  • Appointy: 1 user, their “Growth” tier at $19.99/mo
  • Calendly: 3 users, their “Premium” tier at $8/user/mo; or 2 users, their “Pro” tier at $12/user/mo
  • FlexBooker: None
  • Microsoft Bookings: Unknown
  • Microsoft Dynamics: None
  • Nemo-Q: None
  • Vcita: 1 user, and it’s the “Essentials” tier that doesn’t have the functionality you’d need

Best for easy schedule management

Calendly: This was a bit of a hard one to determine without a sales call and demo, but at least from how their scheduling system was described, it seems like their “pooled availability” and/or “round robin scheduling” systems would be really great fits for what the agency is looking for -- and none of the other vendors at least so explicitly outlined a part of their service that would meet your needs.
Runners up: Any of the vendors with per-user calendars. It really depends on how you currently manage staff calendars and how you’d want that to integrate with the appointment scheduling solution.