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Agency’s current solution

They have implemented an in-house call management system, focused on call scheduling. Here’s how they describe the current system:
Customers call the main claims center line. A triage agent handles basic triaging and addresses the needs if possible. If the need is more complex, then a callback is offered. The callback is scheduled by the agent via webpage using a tool from a company that specializes in event scheduling. Available time slots are verbally presented to the customer
In addition, they have the option for a self-service page where claimants can schedule their own appointment using the same method offered to the triage agent. This self-scheduling is currently turned off, as there was too much demand compared to allocated staff, and there were too many duplicate appointments being made.
Each day, agents look on a separate webpage that has all the callbacks listed. Agents have basic information collected by the triage agent to pre-scan before making the call.