Miscellaneous considerations
USDR has also identified the following considerations:
  • Plan for a range of scenarios: Given the uncertainty in the timing and supply of vaccines, you should plan for a range of scenarios. For example, be prepared in the event that there are not enough doses to cover an entire phase, which may require you to break down a phase into smaller sub-phases (e.g. Dividing Phase 1a into Phase 1a Tier 1 and Phase 1a Tier 2).
  • Consider residents postponing vaccination: Another unknown is how many residents within each phase may choose not to receive the vaccine. Consider what to do if a number of residents decide to take the “wait and see” approach (e.g. if a resident is in Phase 1a but opts out, can they jump back in line at any point, or do they have to wait until Phase 3?). Additionally, consider what the impact will be to your approach if a large number of the resident population is not being vaccinated.
  • Adherence to eligibility: Finally, how strict will you be in adhering to eligibility requirements for each of the Phases? For instance, if the family of an immuno-compromised resident shows up with them to be vaccinated, do you accommodate them to protect the immuno-compromised resident, or do you ask them to wait? Some States may provide guidance when it comes to this particular scenario while others may not.
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