Scheduling / queue management tool - Questions
Here are some key questions to ask as you evaluate a scheduling / queue management tool.

Resident experience

    What’s the overall flow for scheduling?
    Flow for scheduling an appointment ahead of time
    Flow for scheduling a day-of visit and schedule a real-time walk-in
    Lightweight screener at time of booking to confirm eligibility
    Do they have a way to upload eligibility information? (e.g. ID card)
    Reminders: day before, day-of, “you’re up soon”, with information on what to expect to prepare them in advance
    Ability to reschedule and/or cancel

Provider on-site experience

    Workflow manager
    2-way messaging between resident and provider
    Determine whether 1st or 2nd shot and what the brand is
    Manually add patients

Admin experience

    Easily manage multiple locations at the same time, manage # of lines available
    Dynamic scheduling day-of
    Grace period for residents running late
    Ability to shut off line (e.g. if running behind)
    Cancel a block of appointments (e.g. due to weather) and message people about the cancellation
    Easy access to vaccination data for reporting purposes.

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