4. Administering vaccines on-site
There are a plethora of on-site operational challenges, including finding appropriate sites, recruiting and training workers, mitigating operational bottlenecks, and ensuring climate controlled vaccine storage. However, our focus is on technology systems and considerations.
Some technology and tools tips
  • Internet: Make sure the site has good internet service and consider getting some backup internet pucks.
  • Scheduling: Schedule residents for their second vaccine dose appointment while they are on-site getting their first shot. This will likely increase your overall 2-dose completion rates and save you precious time following up with them later.
  • Paper forms: Have paper printouts of forms available in case residents did not fill out information ahead of time.
  • Handouts: As you ramp up sites, print out copies about your vaccine administration schedule, patient eligibility criteria, and vaccine brand information in case you have any digital-related hiccups.
  • Access and training: Make sure your additional staff and volunteers have the right access and training to use your technology tools (and new licenses are within your budget) in advance.
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