Key considerations for messaging
We created have identified the following key considerations to support your vaccination messaging.
Here are the key considerations for effective messaging
  • Information to include on website and communications:
    • Which resident demographics fall into which tiered phases
    • Which phase(s) is/are currently eligible
    • How eligible residents should sign up for vaccine
    • Where residents should go to receive vaccine
    • What residents should bring on-site
    • (If applicable) Eligible residents’ contraindications
    • Contingency planning for residents (e.g. how residents can check for vaccination administration changes due to events like inclement weather)
  • Explanatory content can build understanding and trust. Convey that the vaccines are safe and free for everyone, vaccine access is based on ethical considerations, and it’s important for everyone to get vaccinated.
  • Partner with local news outlets to maximize residents’ awareness of vaccination administration and eligibility.
Last modified 9mo ago
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