COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guide: A Technology Lens

Frameworks for rollout and tips for evaluating tech tools


This guide provides frameworks for vaccination rollout and tips for evaluating tech tools, with the goal of helping vaccine providers continue making life-saving decisions, faster and easier.

The information in the guide distills what we’ve learned and the trends we’ve seen through 1) working with multiple government vaccine providers across the country, 2) evaluating major tech vendors in the vaccination ecosystem, and 3) our collective decades of experience in the tech industry directly building and evaluating tech tools ourselves.

This is a living document. We will continuously update it as we learn more from government and public health officials, other vaccine providers, and tech vendors.

Who is this guide for?​

Government teams who are responsible for providing COVID-19 vaccines to their communities.

How is this guide different?

  1. Agencies and associations like the CDC, CTSE, ASTHO, NACCHO, and APHL are sharing strong guidance on what to do. But relatively few organizations are sharing guidance on how to implement this guidance. USDR's approach is to give you concrete tips on the hows of vaccine management–especially through a practical technology lens–so you can continue making life-saving decisions, faster and easier.

  2. A common theme we’ve heard from providers is they are interested in what other providers are doing. Since we’ve partnered with several government providers across the country, our guide is a way to quickly learn the tips and pitfalls that other government providers have experienced. Our recommendations are based on conversations and partnerships with government providers like you who are responsible for on-the-ground

    for delivering vaccines to their residents.

  3. We provide actionable and free vaccination administration tools that you can set up today. USDR recently launched a free, easy-to-deploy website template that enables public health agencies to stand up a resident-facing website within a few hours, and customizable to your needs. We elaborate more on this tool in the Key Areas: 8. Communicating with the public (ongoing) section.

USDR's vaccination website template free to government providers

What’s in this guide?

  1. Background: General facts about vaccination rollout in the US.

  2. Key areas for vaccination rollout: USDR has identified 8 key areas of work for vaccine providers.

  3. Tech tool categories: Top needs identified by USDR partners include scheduling/queue management, reminders, and registration.

  4. Vendor categories: A high-level overview of the vendor landscape.

  5. How to evaluate vendors: Tips for choosing a set of vendors to consider; concrete, detailed factors and questions to ask vendors offering queue management and registration tools.

  6. Vendor evaluations: Detailed write-ups and recommendations of vendors we’ve talked to so far.

Who created this guide?

A team of public health and technology volunteers at U.S. Digital Response. The authors of this guide 1) have directly supported multiple cities, counties, and state governments on their COVID vaccination planning, 2) have performed detailed evaluations of multiple vendors in the vaccine provider space, and 3) collectively have decades of experience building directly building and evaluating tech tools.

U.S. Digital Response (USDR) is a nonprofit that is providing free support to government departments across the US on anything that is affected by the COVID crisis (e.g. unemployment insurance, food assistance), and the USDR Health Program is focused specifically on supporting public health officials and policymakers on direct COVID-19 response.

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