Analytics Reporting
Estimated time to report analytics: 30 - 60 minutes
If you're not constantly measuring and making future decisions based on historical posts, then you're not making data-driven decisions. This is a constant process that builds character and success within any organization.
Importance of analytics. How to find these reports? Most important data to share? What are your goals? Who's responsible? How long this should take? How long should the presentation be?

How often do I report analytics?

    Weekly: Week vs Week
    Monthly: Week vs Week & monthly review
    Quarterly: Review last three months, against previous quarter

What should I measure?

Depending on your macro and micro goals, only you can make that decision. However, I don't think you can go wrong if you're measuring the following:
    Video views
    Video view time
    Click through rates
    Engagement; Likes, Shares, Comments, and RT's
The presentation below is an example of a lightweight analytics report to help the team understand what content is performing well, or not.
If you need help with analytics reporting, let's run a workshop. Sign-up here.

Google Analytics

Most governments are using Google Analytics to understand the performance and metrics on their websites. This is important to understand how much traffic your social media channels are driving, while also understanding what content on your website engages most, or not, with citizen.
Important Metrics:
Click Through Rates(CTR)
UTM's for effectiveness of content.
If you need help with analytics reporting, let's run a workshop. Sign-up here.
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