Content Franchise
Estimated time to establish your content franchises: 1 - 2 hours
A content franchise is a recurring series built around categories, campaigns, and stories. Content franchises sit in the upper section of our brand hierarchy. Governments certainly have more, but below are the three content franchises The City of Boston is using during COVID-19.
    City Services: Business as usual. People need their birth certificates, EBT cards, business paper work and whatever services they might need from the government.
    Health Policy: Hyper-focused on COVID-19 as new guidance is provided by WHO, CDC and trusted institutional resources.
    Reopening Roadmap: As states are reopening, we need to transform our behaviors to adjust to the future.
Below is the hierarchy from left-to-right. Franchises, categories, campaigns and stories continue to provide a way to structure the different ideas we need to communicate. This is a boiler plate to help you build your own custom list.
Campaigns / Stories
Health Policy
Face Covering
How to wear a face cover
Health Policy
COVID Testing 101
Phase 1
Children's Parks
Health Policy
Tracing & Tracking
City Services
Food Resources Map / Boston Meal Sites
Health Policy
COVID Daily Data
Health Policy
Social / Physical Distancing
Hug the sidewalk
View the entire list here.
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