Pre-Flight Checklist
Estimated time to review pre-flight checklist: 5 minutes per post
This list has been created to help government POIs reference content policies before posting on social media to make sure they don't break any rules. It can help avoid getting fired or building mistrust with citizens.
Before scheduling or publishing a post, follow these guidelines.


Is the media optimized for the channel?

Square is not required for Instagram, but do so when it allows for critical elements to be enlarged for readability, emphasis, and appeal.

Who are we hoping it resonates with? What can we do to improve that likelihood?

Consider some of the following: Is there representative diversity within the images? Does the media strike a humble tone about our service to the City?

Tag other entities we’re referencing: Are we sharing or promoting guidance that originated from BPHC, CDC? A quote or order by the Mayor? Highlighting another organization or person?
    Organizations, individuals as they come up > if you don’t know the handle or aren’t provided it, then Google it, or ask the team or related department for help

Hashtags for this response

Always by rare exception*: #coronavirus #covid19 #stayhome #physicaldistancing #socialdistancing #flattenthecurve
Sometimes when fitting: #bostonstrong #wegotthis
Post-specific when highlighting something / someone and there is a program, trend, message to connect it to
Keep an eye on hashtags others are using, verify they’re in use by others and have traction
Do not make up new hashtags that do not have a basis or following unless approved


YES if:
    We know, and trust, the source (other government agencies, local/state/federal)
    Leadership (local/state/federal)
    Organization partnership (Resilience Fund grantees, recipients of other City services, support)
ASK if:
    It could look like we’re endorsing a private company (example: Mortgage post, the Mayor called out banks participating in a City spurred program, that was alright)
    Relationship to City unclear, but plausible
    Person or organization seems genuine, and there’s a connection to our content of sorts, but just not sure
NO if:
    It’s a private company without connection to response, event, even if there’s a contract but not a connection to this work, it’s clear they’re trying to insert themselves for PR
    Private (resident posts and we share w/o explicit permission)
If you need help with a pre-flight checklist, let's run a workshop. Sign-up here.
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