Content Strategy
Estimated time to establish a content strategy: 2 - 6 hours
Once you develop your communications strategy and what channels to focus on, our content strategy framework will help you with planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content across your social media channels.
How are you producing content once you have your communications strategy? Content strategy describes the elements used and how various messaging is crafted.
This can include photo or image styles, writing tone, the overall “look” of video productions and graphic design sensibilities.
Creation and curation of content is the best combination to communicate your message. If you're a trusted organization, it's important that people know it's coming from you and that your voice is unique. People also want to see other sources saying the same thing. If your city or organization is sharing other trusted sources, this compounds the trust with your users.

Content Curation

Museums and influencers are popular for a reason. They both curate stuff relevant to their audience. The big difference is that online, it's much less expensive for a digital media channel to curate a Rothko. More so, curation is a signal of affinity to your audience. In some cases, curation can actually help you understand your audience better by testing different colors, characters and emotions through other channels' content. In other cases, they could help bring authority and trust to reinforce a message you're already trying to say. Furthermore, you can grow your audience through this low-touch method along with increase engagement.
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