Editorial Calendar
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An editorial calendar is a system or schedule to organize and mange your communication strategy. During COVID-19, it's incredibly challenging to plan ahead given the uncertainty of the unfolding pandemic, so a daily brief is a lighter version of an editorial calendar.
Below is an example of a daily brief. Every night, someone should create a draft of how the next day should look. The following morning, the team should brief on the document to make sure all the content is either created or still needs to be created. This should include feedback from the team on what is missing, what should be delayed, or what should be replaced. The process gives room for all-hands on deck and clarity for the day. This is a supporting document to the daily journey in the communications strategy.
In addition to the daily review, there should be a weekly brief every Monday, along with an extended time slot to review analytics every Friday.
Example of Daily Brief
CTA: Making sure every post has a CTA & if it has a link, use a UTM with the link for tracking.
    Section on how to setup UTM.
If you need help with an editorial calendar, let's run a workshop. Sign-up here.
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