Edit/Add page layouts

Tile navigation blocks

  • To edit an existing navigation tile on a page, click on the tile. You will see a menu appear on the right-hand side of the page with fields where you can edit the label, choose a new icon (dropdown list), and update the navigation link.
  • All tiles must have a link associated with them but this can be an external page URL (ex: Secretary of State’s website) or an internal page like “Where to Vote in Person.”
  • When a tile link directs to an external website URL, the tile itself will show a small arrow in the top right to denote this as navigation to an external site.
  • To add a new tile to a section, click the black “+” icon and you will be able to configure a new tile with a label, icon, and URL of your choice.

Add a numbered section

  • Click the black “+” icon and search for or select the block called “Numbered section.” This will add the first section (number 1).
  • Repeat/Add additional numbered sections for the number of items you have, it will automatically label them in numerical order.

Add a paragraph section

  • To add a completely new section, click the black “+” icon and select the “Heading” block. Most page sections should be an H2 or H3 if this is a subsection within an existing page section. H1 headers are reserved for page titles and appear larger.
  • It’s important to follow this H1/H2/H3 hierarchy for website accessibility purposes, specifically to ensure that people using screen-readers can understand the page content.

Remove any block/section from a page

  • Click on the block you want to delete, and click on the “three-dots” icon to pull up a settings menu. Select “Remove Block” at the bottom of that list.

Add/edit tables

  • To edit an existing table, click anywhere within the table. This brings up a menu of options. Click on the grid icon to see options for adding/removing rows or adding/removing columns.
  • To edit the column labels or row content, simply click on the text you want to change and edit inline.
  • The easiest way to add a table is to copy a table block (from another page) and insert it into your desired page location. To copy the table, click on the “three dots” icon and select “Copy.” Then go to the page/section where you want your new table and enter paste inline (command+v). Then update the table labels/copy, and add/delete rows and columns as needed.

Embed a PDF on your site

  • All images or PDFs that you upload to your Media library have automatically generated URLs. This allows you to direct any hyperlinks (or navigation tiles) directly to a PDF hosted on your site. We recommend that you set links to PDFs to open in a new tab, rather than loading in place so that your voters do not lose their place within your website.
  • To turn any text into a hyperlink (navigating to another page on this website, or an external website), highlight the desired text and then click on the link icon in the menu. Enter the URL, then click the arrow icon to save it. For external website links, enable the option to open a new tab; for links to pages within your website, leave this setting off.

Add a new page

  • If you need a completely new page, there are two ways to add them.
  • To add a new blank page, go to the “Pages” tab and click the “Add New” at the top. This will create a completely blank page, where you will add your page title and any content blocks from scratch.
  • An easier way to add a new page without creating content blocks from scratch is to copy an existing page.
    • First identify which existing page provides the best template for the new content you want to add--i.e. numbered section, table, navigation tile blocks.
    • Select the page you want to copy and click “Edit.”
    • Then select the “three dots” icon at the top right of the page and select “Copy all content.”
    • Go back to the main “Pages” menu and click “Add New.” You will start with a blank page, but when you paste inline, copy over all content from the prior page. Then you can edit sections and content as needed. [Note: You will still need to input a new page title].

Media library (Media tab)

This is a repository of all of the images you will be able to use throughout the website. It is pre-loaded with some placeholder images that you will replace (your county logo and registrar/county clerk photo if desired). This is also where you will upload and store any PDFs you choose to use on your website. Your media library comes with some custom vaccine illustrations we’ve provided - feel free to use these for the homepage banners!
Images you will need to provide for your website
  • County logo for the top navigation: transparent png format
  • Registrar photo for the About Us page (optional): transparent png format
To add a new image to the library: Click the “Add new” button at the top of the page to upload a new image or PDF.
To delete an image from the library: Click on the image to bring up the detail window, and look for the red “Delete permanently” button.
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A screenshot example of the media library in WordPress.

Attempt block recovery

You may occasionally see an error message upon loading a page for the first time that says “Attempt block recovery.” If you see this, click the button and proceed with the attempt.
Usually, the component will load just fine. If it doesn’t, feel free to send us an email - or replace the section with new content if you feel comfortable doing so.
Last modified 10mo ago