Best practices
Building a landing page can be deceptively easy. Using a website builder (like WordPress) means you don’t have to be a developer to publish something professional, and you can do it in a matter of hours.
That said, going in blind is not recommended. To give you a better head start, here are some best practices that have been proven time and time again to improve readership and engagement rates.

Theme Requirements

Do not add components to the homepage because this is a theme requirement.

Writing style

  • When rewriting or customizing content in the site template, use plain, straightforward language, and keep a simple sentence structure.
  • Write in a simple, active voice, and avoid using passive voice when possible.
  • Avoid using buzzwords, jargon, or other complex wording because they may be unfamiliar or confusing to your voters.


  • For headlines, page subheaders, and button text, use title case styling.
  • For paragraph copy and other text, use sentence case styling.
Last modified 10mo ago