Equity considerations
Enabling equity outcomes, or reaching underserved communities within your jurisdiction, is essential for any vaccine appointment finder. Many jurisdictions are dedicated to equitable vaccine distribution, and have a plethora of research-based and targeted methods to serve vulnerable populations.
Applying this to appointment finders, New Jersey is prioritizing vaccination speed and equity together. To share a pragmatic and repeatable example, New Jersey’s appointment finder infrastructure maintains and refreshes a separate list of available appointments for equity clinic locations. These appointments are reserved and dedicated for targeted demographics at equity-focused sites, and intentionally are not surfaced in their general public-facing appointment finder. However, all other participating providers’ available appointments are still surfaced to the public.
From a technology perspective, USDR can help ensure that your policy and equity goals toward targeted populations are translated into your systems and workflows.
For comprehensive and actionable tips on communicating with your underserved and vulnerable residents, please see USDR's COVID-19 Communication Toolkit: A Health Equity Lens below:
COVID-19 Communication Toolkit: A Health Equity Lens - U.S. Digital Response
U.S. Digital Response
USDR's COVID-19 Communication Toolkit: A Health Equity Lens
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