Mental Model
We have conducted remote observations and contextual inquiry as part of a qualitative study with a small sample of residents from various phases of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. In addition, we analyzed over 75 state and local COVID-19 vaccine websites for best practices on vaccination eligibility. This is what we learned from residents about residents' mental models:

How do people currently think about getting a vaccine?

What do you know about getting vaccines? Users' knowledge level varied about receiving the vaccine from not much, 2 doses, rolling out now, to some level of phase prioritization. People, in general, are not sure when and where to get vaccinated for Covid-19 especially for the “wait-and-see” groups.
When will you be able to get a vaccine? We also learned that timing is random based on a resident's social network, with the highest frequency mentioned in March, June, and the Fall.
How important is the vaccine in your life? Vaccine importance is role-dependent. Teachers and essential workers feel like this is very important.
How do you want to get the vaccine? There are two sides to the coin.
  • Realistically: Residents currently have to go somewhere, such as a hospital or community center, sign up, and wait for a response. This is slightly inconvenient for them.
  • Ideally: At work, so residents don’t have to travel out of their way. They want to go somewhere and to someone familiar to them, such as their Primary Care Physician.
Who should make decisions about vaccine distribution? There’s a range of responses: A mix of people, people with clout, and scientists. A December Morning Consult poll found that a majority of US adults turn to their families for vaccine guidance.
What is the role of the federal government in vaccine distribution? From residents:
  • “Ensure we have enough vaccines for everybody and work on distribution.”
  • “Make sure it’s available regardless of money and geographic area.”
  • “Strong federal guidelines, procedures and protocols.”
  • “Coordinating with state, local governments on prioritization and delivery.”
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