Social Media Playbook and Templates
We understand there are limited resources and time, so this was created with that in mind. This is the leanest possible way to help governments audit, strategize and deploy a social media strategy. The first session will take up to 1 hour, then we'll schedule additional workshops to dive deeper, depending on needs.

Social Media Templates

Below are multiple templates we created based on our qualitative research with bilingual residents from various states and counties with messaging that resonates. The design and content files are available for public use. To use and even edit the Figma files, you will need to create a Figma account (it's free!):
Figma file:
Our design and content guidelines listed below are best practices to post on social media. The guidelines are themes from generative research we conducted with residents and local and state government partners to understand vaccination messaging with BIPOC communities:

Content Guidelines

To boost motivation for your desired behavior, show and add immediate benefits
“Your vaccine is waiting for you” and “reserved” versus “available” increased vaccination rates by 11% in patient SMS messaging OR partnership with local businesses like Krispy Kreme with a free donut with your vaccination card
For the benefits that are mostly functional, brainstorm some fun or emotional benefits that can be added.
“We’re excited to launch our festival X on October 10, 2021 and have your back. Your vaccine is waiting for you.”
Make benefits concrete and tangible
“Get back to what you love”
“Get back to who you love”
Present a way to fulfill a need for your user’s goals, NOT the county only
For rural communities and farmers, highlight social services to support them to get to their vaccination appointments such as childcare and transportation
“We care about you and hear you. Access FREE transportation services to get you to your vaccination appointment. Get free transport here today:”
Emphasize voices of the community (trusted messengers) like promotoras/ community health workers and faith-based leaders to reach vaccine-hesitant and resistant people
Youtube videos, Facebook live with tribal groups and churches, testimonials on the website, Instagram stories
Clear call to action with facts is more important than inspirational posts
Say exactly what happens with the user acts. For example, pin a post on Facebook for where to get a vaccine appointment: X example
Highlight the impact of the individual’s action(s) on the pandemic
“Your actions save lives. By wearing a mask, you protect 13k children in Pueblo who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine”
Give reminders by bundling vaccination with existing behaviors at key moments when people are already primed to think about changing their behavior. For example,
  • Control: Appt at [clinic] on [date] at [time]
  • Easy call: To cancel or rearrange call X
  • Social norms: We are expecting you at [clinic]. 9 out of 10 people attend
  • Specific costs: No attending costs to get the vaccine. It is absolutely free. You will not be charged.
People are more willing to perform a healthy behavior for themselves and their families/friends NOT their town.
Just asking people to do something is a way to increase an opportunity's salience. (Called the Question-Behavior Effect.) Prompts to consider our intention and likelihood of performing a behavior influence our actual behavior. Ask:
1. “Are you going to [behavior]?
2. “Will this be the year that you [behavior]?”
3. “You’ve set X health goal this year. Are you going to [behavior] this week?”
“You believe in delivering high-quality care. Are you planning to [behavior]?”
Content has to be informative and insightful with direct application to COVID trends
Example of topics requested:
  • Vaccine boosters
  • Variants
  • I’m vaccinated and my kids aren’t: What’s safe for us to do as a family?
  • Do I still need to wear a mask after being vaccinated?
  • What’s the cost of the vaccine?
  • When will my kids be eligible to receive the vaccine?
People often know what they want to do or need to do, but they struggle with the how.
Social filters help to construct an implementation intention
“IF I’m in situation X, THEN I will do Y action that will help me achieve my goal.”
Specify the when, where, and how of what you/the person will do. Example: COVID-19 Public Education Campaign
Explain fully to people what to expect after they get tested or vaccinated Close any knowledge gap and fill their void of uncertainty.
For example, include explicit instructions as to how someone should expect after dose 2 of a Pfizer vaccine and what to expect during the end-to-end process.

Design Guidelines

Images must show human faces with real skin tones and relatable activities
Relatable activities would be 4th of July BBQ, travel, and any other common activities in the primary community. Vibrant colors are good in moderation
Typography and font must align with the organization's brand guidelines to create a sense of familiarity
  • IBM Plex Sans Regular
  • Zilla Slab Bold
Stories matter to people. Include quotes of leaders in the community
Quotes and mini stories in FB and Instagram
Images are key to grab attention on Instagram
Tell people how your work and their actions are changing the lives of people. Use one person’s story to show how you’re solving the problem you’ve set out to solve. Be detailed. In some cases, it may be most compelling to include both types of information, abstract and concrete, for contrast.
  • Abstract, high-level: “20% of Americans struggle with mental illness each year. About 60% of Americans with a mental illness didn’t receive treatment in the last year.”
  • Concrete, specific: “World Champion Swimmer Michael Phelps struggled with anxiety and depression for much of his life. He decided to seek help and see a therapist”
Motivate users to act and track (this is the power of social filters) and ensure frequent progress
Examples: social filters, data dashboard in social (with the right metrics)
Make progress visual. See below as an example
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Social Media Playbooks

Our playbook will help you audit, strategize, and distribute trusted COVID-19 content across social media channels.
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USDR Social Media Playbook
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Figma file: