Data Collection, Visualization, and Reporting
Systems of Power: Place-based health metrics like these capture key contributors to the risk of getting COVID-19 or having a worse outcome including poverty, reliance on public transportation, and crowded housing.
The National Academies’ report recommends place-based measures of social vulnerability, such as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) or the COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index (CCVI), which includes racial, ethnic, and language composition of a census tract.

Examples of Equitable COVID-19 Data Collection

Health Equity Data Reporting

California Healthy Places Index
CA’s Healthy Places Index (HPI)
CDC/ATSDR's Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention's Social Vulnerability Index
Bringing Greater Precision to the COVID-19 Response
Surgo’s COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index
The COVID Racial Data Tracker
The COVID Tracking Project
The role of data collection in the COVID-19 pandemic
American Medical Association
AMA's COVID-19  health equity data resources
UConn Health Equity & COVID-19